Is Athleisure for You?

Ever heard the saying, you are what you wear? What you wear is basically an extension of you

Apparently, there's a reason you are drawn to certain styles of clothes. For instance, if you're drawn to our clothing, it's simple - you have good taste, ha-ha! 


Most of us have our own personal style by this point, and it might be still evolving for some. Some people prioritize comfort over style; personally, I like my clothes to be comfortable and nice to look at, like a lot of us. 


Ever heard that saying, 'Fashion is pain'? Yeah, not a huge fan of that. That's where we come in. Recognizing the somewhat alarming obsession with athleisure and its sheer balance of comfort and style, we knew that this was exactly what we wanted to create. 


Some people don't understand athleisure, but it's a gift that keeps giving. There's no actual harm in trying something new. That's the versatility of athleisure apparel; if you like comfort, it's definitely for you. Smooth fabric, comfortable fits and all in five different colours. There's only one way to find out if athleisure is for you! 


6 Tips to help you choose the right athleisure apparel 

  1. How much do you appreciate comfort? The more, the better. 
  2. The right kind of fabric for the right type of activity. Completely subjective, but cotton is excellent for lounging and lunging. 
  3. The product's fit, be it slim or regular, whatever you feel comfortable in. 
  4. The quality of the fabric is vital. Try to see if there are any mentions (if it's a new brand and you can't find any reviews) because the better the quality, the longer it lasts. 
  5.  These days there's a lot of importance on the brand you buy from. Brands today are under the magnifying glass, ensuring a certain amount of accountability to the environment and the customers. Unfortunately, many brands run the risk of white-washing their customers, and there's only one way to deal with a situation like that; ask the right questions.
  6. How much are you willing to pay for the above? A lot of things come into play while making this decision. 

The product + the augmented benefits of the product + the experience + who the brand seems to be = Worth of the product. 

Knowing what factor matters most to you is essential. But, of course, it's all comes down to you and your preference.