Let's Talk Sustainable Clothing.

Unless you live under a rock, you know the effect our clothes can have on the environment. Fashion being the second largest contributor to pollution, it's hardly surprising that our clothes can damage the environment.

Enter, your minimalist life, your sustainable life, your cruelty-free life, your vegan life, etc. You could roll your eyes, but this helps. Understanding what sustainable fashion is and how you can help nudge yourself to be more mindful is important. 

Well, before we jump into it, it is essential to understand what sustainable clothing is.

Sustainable clothing focuses on how it's been designed, manufactured, and distributedCan you think of any item of your favourite bit of clothing? Is it sustainable? 

 If we extend the shelf life of good quality products and try to buy consciously, then that's a step towards curbing the fuel running the fashion/clothing industry.

Carbon footprint. What is it? 


Take whatever you do, whatever the activity. Measure the output of greenhouse gasses the activity produces, and that's your carbon footprint (there are calculators online). When we dissect everything that we do, it really dawns upon how much human beings contribute to the world's issues. 

Wondering how you can reduce your carbon footprint by choosing sustainable clothing over other things? You start by being mindful. 

Identifying and understanding better practices that are ecologically mindful.

For example, sustainable clothing and usage would look a little like this: zero-to-little waste of fabric, biodegradable packaging, and finally, ensuring the piece of clothing is used to its full potential. 

Unfortunately, most of the fashion today is not sustainable. With the rapid changes in trends of what is fashionable and what's out, brands are constantly upping their game and producing more which is what fast fashion is. 

How do you know if brands are being sustainable? And, are they telling us the truth? Stick around to find out*


*All good things tend to end with a cliffhanger